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We contribute to cutting-edge industry with our precision metal stamping technology,
centered on our metal drawing process

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Highly reliable product realization, making full use of both transfer and progressive high-level press processing methods.

-Introduction of our press processing examples-

~Focusing on the drawing press process~

Drawing technologies

Highly productive deep drawing for high-aspect-ratio austenitic stainless steel containers

SUS316L, t = 0.5 mm
(Approximate size) 10mm x 35mm x 50mm
50 spm production
Developing technologies that were adopted in the 2015 Supporting Industries project sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
・Registered patent No. 6531265
・Registered patent No. 6531266
* Joint application with the Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology

Deep drawing for cylindrical cans

Austenitic stainless-steel deep drawing

Material: SUS304
AA size
Processing with non-chlorinated oil

Fine aperture drawing

Material: Nickel silver
Thickness deviation: Less than 0.01mm

Stepped inner surface drawing

Stepped drawing

Reverse drawing

Flange turning process

Stainless steel drawing

Material: SUS304
Plate thickness: 0.5 to 1.2 mm

Plate Forging technologies

Plate forging

Material: SUS304L

Forging and burring

Material: SPC

Shearing and Bending

Various terminals and covers

Flat Trimming