Ishizaki Press Industrial Co., Ltd.Ishizaki Press Industrial Co., Ltd.

We contribute to cutting-edge industry with our precision metal stamping technology,
centered on our metal drawing process

Production Systems

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From prototype development to mass production
We meet the needs of customers by applying our accumulated experience and advanced methods. We manufacture all of our own products, from creating the mold designs to the production and use of high-precision molds. We use our own high-level, controlled mass production systems.

Metal molds
Press working
Prototype production
Mass production
Degreasing and deburring
Cleaning&barrel polishing

Equipment List

Production equipment 5~200t progressive press 139 units
10~160t transfer press 106 units
Hydrocarbon washing machine (consecutive, multi-tank) 11 units
Hydrocarbon washing machine (consecutive, single tank) 3 units
Methylene chloride washing machine (consecutive, multi-tank) 2 units
High speed centrifugal barrel polishing machine 2 units
Hot air vacuum dryer 2 units
Hot air intake for dryer 1 unit
Automatic snap processing machine 9 units
Inspection equipment 3D measuring machines 2 units
Measuring microscopes 5 units
Surface roughness measuring machine 5 units
Shape measuring machines 2 units
Surface roughness measuring machine 1 unit
Out-of-round measuring machine 1 unit
Projector, 2 units
Vickers hardness tester 1 unit
Microscopes 2 units
Plating thickness measuring machine 1 unit
Machine Tools Profile grinding machines 5 units
Die-sinking electric discharge machine 5 units
Wire cutting electric discharge machines 3 units
Machining center 1 unit
Forming surface grinding machine 2 units
Surface grinding machine 13 units
Cylindrical grinding machine (external) 2 units
Cylindrical grinding machines (internal) 4 units
Vertical milling machine 2 units
Lathe, 4 units
Contour machine 1 unit
Fine hole electric discharge machine 1 unit
Lapping machine 1 unit
CAD / CAM 4 units
Design CAD (3D) 3 units
CAD (2D) 9 units
Molding simulation machine 1 unit

* Including numbers of units installed in ISHIZAKI KOREA Co., Ltd.